• In less than one month of using the E-Cig, my 22 year old son has completely stopped smoking tobacco. He was smoking 2 full bags of cigarettes per week. I myself have cut down to only a few per day and hope to completely quit in a few more days. It is amazing!

    Susan A.Toronto, Ontario
  • I'm 61 years old - I never thought I could quit [smoking]. I did. E-cigs should be covered by insurance.

    Ron M.Brantford, Ontario
  • I have been a smoker for over 30 years and have tried various "STOP NOW" cure-alls. My wife and I purchased New Life E-Cigs a month ago and have been smoke-free since. Thank you for a wonderful product that ACTUALLY WORKS!!!

    Keith C.Ontario
  • These really work - no cravings, no withdrawal, not even bothered when around smokers. I can honestly say, as having been a smoker of 30+ years, this makes it easy to "kick the habit"! I have 4 other people on them now since they saw my succes, and they are "raving" as well!

    Jamie H.Ontario
  • Love all your products. I love the fact i can vape and not worry about allergens as i have severe allergies to nuts and also have allergies to gluten and dairy. Thank you for creating a product i don't have to second guess/potentially die. I would love to see flavors such as cinnamon roll, cola , chai and earl grey tea made. These type of flavors are usually traces of nuts w/ other ejuices. I love all the flavors i vape so far, . I'd love to see what type of flavors you come up with. As always the customer service at Pete's is fabulous. Thank you.

    Sabrina S.Pete's Puff & Stuff (Sudbury, Ontario)
  • I have been a smoker for the past twenty years. I have tried every single smoking aid out there with no results. I have not had a cigarette in eight months now and all the credit goes to this product. I can once again breathe, I have more energy, and I can do all sorts of physical activities that, as a smoker, was not possible. Thank you!

    Peter P.St. Charles, Ontario
  • Approximately 3 months ago we were introduced to E-Go - E-Cigs and it has proven to be the best thing we have ever found. After smoking for about 39 years I stopped completely on April 4, 2013. The most successful story is my husband; he smoked for over 45 years - smoked 60 cigarettes a day. When he started with E-Go, he found immediate results and within 24 hours had cut down to 6 cigarettes a day, and after a few weeks he stopped smoking completely; on Thursday July 4, 2013. This is the best aid to quit smoking we have ever seen and it's the only one that worked for my husband. We get the greatest assistance and support from the staff at JC Second Chance (Brantford) and recommend this to anyone trying to stop or even cut back on smoking.

    Mary H.Brantford, Ontario
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